Morning Stencil Cutting

This morning, I worked on stencil design for yard signs for three Town Council candidates here in Westport, NY: Joan Lilly, Jen Williams, and Michael Fergot.  My Cricut Maker has a 12 x 24 inch cutting bed, and I am cutting stencils to be used on signs 24 inches wide. I can clean this up a bit by using spray adhesive to help the spiky bits of the Ms, Ws, and Ns lie down.

The font is Becker Gothic. Looking closely, you can see that I am using three kinds. I am using the Becker Gothic Stencil font where necessary for letters that need a stencil font. I'm using Becker Gothic Egyptian for most of the rest. But Becker Gothic also has a "concave" font. I used that for the "I"s to break up the verticals in Joan Lilly's name.

The spray paint is Montana Cans.