An AI FAQ for Writers

Revived Dragon Press: Coming Soon!

We are relaunching Dragon Press as an AI-Driven Design & Innovation Consultancy in the next month or so.

My late husband David Hartwell died suddenly in 2016, and Dragon Press has been dormant since then. However, Kevin Maroney's Burrowing Wombat Press has continued to publish The New York Review of Science Fiction and sell back issues.


The revived Dragon Press will be located in our commercial space at 10 Champlain Avenue in Westport, New York.


In the past, we have run the space as a bookstore. And while we may sell some books and art in the revived space, the new version will be a studio with a retro-futurist aesthetic. I had an art studio in Toronto during the pandemic and our design studio will have somewhat the same aesthetic.


The team for this new family enterprise will be:

  • Kathryn Cramer: Master of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation (OCAD University 2020); Graduate Certificate in Complex Systems & Data Science (University of Vermont 2023); and a forthcoming Master of Science in Complex Systems & Data Science (UVM 2023)



  • Peter Hartwell
  • Ratio Hartwell
  • Jasper Young
  • Selena Shea

Family team

Our vision of the role of AI is as a cognitive enhancer for humans. We look forward to telling you more about this in the near future.

Dragon Press revival rev2

Watch this space!